** GK Chevrolet Racing # 1 Directive :  I remember when I was a young teenager and was just getting started into Chevy     
        Hot Rods, every reputable and highly skilled, high performance mechanic or shop were charging very high prices for      
     their knowledge and labor, just to make money ; I pledged and promised to myself that " if " I ever reached that level,
I will make it easy and affordable for ALL Chevy enthusiasts by sharing what I have learned, in this way,
we can ALL find the same satisfaction and
truly enjoy what is special to us.            
Welcome to GK Chevrolet Racing.    Please take a tour of our entire website at your leisure, we think it
will be well worth your time - in order for you to spend
the least amount of your hard earned $$ money .  
The services that we offer are professionally done AND with quality craftsmanship.  We also are VERY PROUD
to advertise that we charge the lowest labor price in the State of Hawaii for Top Quality Workmanship, in order to
fulfill our directive
** of offering the most affordable prices to the high-performance Chevrolet enthusiast.     
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